Realistic Excercise

So you’ve decided to get started on your weight loss / fitness routine. You probably have an idea of how it’s gonna go down once you hit the pavement running. You’re prepared, mentally and physically. (Here’s hoping anyway, right?) So let’s be realistic and remember I have been in your shoes!

You have undoubtedly heard of “burn out,” or something similar. “Burn out” is what we in the fitness world refer to when you go too hard, too fast, or for too long. It can happen to a seasoned athlete just as it can happen to a beginner. Embarking on this new journey is certainly exciting, and the road ahead leads to many, many new possibilities, but you have to manage your expectations. You know that the weight is not going to come off tomorrow, but it WILL come off! Remember in a previous posting we talked about that initial two-week period? We need to get through those two weeks, and then onto another two weeks and so on. There are a lot of changes happening now in your life both physically and emotionally. We do not want you to “burn out.”

Here’s what you can do: start slow and easy while building up your tolerance and stamina. This method also helps you avoid any stress injuries that may occur. Like any new activity there is going to be a learning curve. Start with a simple walk on the treadmill or outside on the sidewalk. Set the timer for 30 minutes, but just shoot for 15. Once you’ve reached 15 minutes, you’ll be surprised that you just might be able to push for that 30-minute goal. Next time around, you add an incline to that walk by ramping up the treadmill or finding a nice outside hill. After a week or so, you add a 2-minute jog, which will become a 5-minute jog. You could also try doing three 10-minute segments on the elliptical, bike, or other machine. (It’s going to get easier as you go, plus you’ll be starting to lose pounds which will keep you coming back for more!) Try simply setting the timer for 10 minutes, complete that one segment, and then either start over again or move on to another machine for 10 minutes more.

All the while you are listening to your favorite music, or if you’re in the gym then maybe you’re watching your favorite television show. I don’t recommend reading while exercising, I find that you have to put too much attention into following the words, which may limit your ability to put in some real physical effort. (Not to mention the pages might get soggy from sweating.) As always here at LWFY, we believe it’s your path and your choices, so please if reading while working out is right for you, then read all about it!

It’s an excellent idea to get familiar with some basic weight lifting techniques also so you can tone up, while slimming down.  Adding resistance training (weight lifting) to your routine will help build muscle, create shape and has long lasting added calorie burning effects throughout the day.  We’ll get into the basics of weight lifting in an upcoming post, but for now let’s get out there and start sweating.  We want to use that stored fat as the energy source it was intended for!

I talk about more of tips on getting through exercise in my book Lose Weight, Find Yourself: Six Steps to Having a Healthy Relationship with Food…Bite by Bite and Pound by Pound (*Coming soon*)

“You want a hot body? You better work b**ch!” –Britney Spears