Lose Weight, Find Yourself!

6 Steps to Having a Healthy Relationship with Food...Bite by Bite and Pound by Pound

About the book

My book manages the feat of traversing the often trite and bloated self-help genre by offering up a triumphant story of denial, acceptance, transformation, and transcendence. I collaborated with a well-respected Registered Dietitian to lay out clear, concise, and easy to understand nutritional information that proved to be invaluable in my own personal weight loss journey, as well as in my clinical practice. 

Many of the works that fill the weight loss market today are written by experts and specialists who have not gone through the process of losing weight themselves, but not this one. Twenty years ago I was so overweight I could hardly fit inside a walk-in closet. In my darkest hour when I could barely see my way out of the struggle, I dusted off my Nike’s and hit the gym – little did I know I’d be saving my own life. I lost over 100 pounds naturally through self-acceptance, discipline, perseverance, calorie consciousness, and exercise. My obesity self-help memoir is here to help inspire and guide you to achieve your own weight loss goals. 

What people are saying…

K. Naff

Great book that offers spot-on advice on how to have a healthier relationship with food. I think that it's valuable for everyone to read, regardless of the number on the scale.


Unique personal journey with solid advice.

K. Stevens

Very honest book, required reading for anyone that has issues in weight loss, goes to the source!