Hi there, welcome to my website and online world. I am thrilled and thankful to have you here checking out my website and very first blog entry.  My full name is Robert Philip Charles Hold, Jr., MPAS, PA-C, but you can just call me Bobby. I am the guy behind the Lose Weight, Find Yourself™ brand and  Lose Weight, Find Yourself® is a safe and judgment free zone where we discuss a wide range of topics based on overcoming life’s struggles, with a specific focus on self-discovery through weight loss. Here at Lose Weight, Find Yourself® we acknowledge our past, but we don’t dwell on it, we look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.  About ten years ago, I lost over one hundred pounds, and in the process found myself.  It’s the simple and honest truth.  Everything that my life has become today is due to my ability to face my fears, my fat, and myself.  By living my truth I was able to take control of my destiny and discover my life’s purpose.  I am here to share my story and what I’ve learned along the way with you, in order for you to realize the wonderful, beautiful, and powerful life changing benefits of weight loss. I encourage you to have fun exploring my website and following me on social media.  Everything you need to get started on your journey to success is right here at your fingertips.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and inquire about any LWFY personal services. Let’s start a dialogue and inspire each other!