Is it ok for me to eat fast food?

In my upcoming book I write, “Turning your body into a temple takes time. You have to gain a foundation from which to build the temple. You are in a renovation phase. Construction can get messy. We’re carving away the excess.” I bring this up because I want to discuss whether or not it’s ok to eat healthy options from a fast food restaurant. Coming from where I was and where millions of other Americans are, the point I’m trying to make is that it’s most important to get you off the crappy food the easiest and best way possible. If I can get you to walk into a fast food restaurant and order a diet soda, a grilled chicken sandwich, and a side salad or even a small fry, I’m happy with that. Now I understand that I could be criticized for such advise, but I stand by my statement because I’ve walked in your shoes and I know from experience just how tough it can be.

Under best circumstances and for long-term health benefits, I would not recommend that you eat fast food at all, BUT by making the substitutions I mentioned above, you are slashing your saturated fat and calories and have already begun ridding your life of excess and unnecessary consumption of unhealthy food. (FYI, this healthier fast food option still has high sodium content and would most likely be a lower quality product than if you were to eat a home cooked or restaurant quality meal.)

Simply by ordering healthier options will lead to other positive changes. Beginning to lose weight, diet, and exercise is a big deal; I want you to start slow and simple. I am a firm believer in stepwise processes. One small change at a time leads to bigger and better changes. If this is your first step into learning to eat healthier and break the cycle, then it’s a good first step. If you are ten years into your weight management (like I am), and you’re in a pinch, ordering a healthy option from a fast food restaurant is ok; it’s all-relative.

Here at LWFY, we want you to have long lasting success. So many times before I had discovered the right way to lose weight, I failed. I failed in part because I had taken a dive headfirst into the pool of health food, exercise, and extremes before I was mentally prepared, or even had the proper nutritional knowledgebase. I don’t believe you can go from the drive-thru to the health food store in one day. It’s too much of a shock. Eventually I want my newcomers to be preparing and packing their own meals, meals that have a proper balance of nutrition and taste, meals that satisfy you and nourish your body. You’ll get there, I believe in you. I did it and so can you!

So let ‘s make a deal. If you are eating fast food for the majority of your meals, just like I used to, start by changing your order. Do me the favor of substituting large portions for smaller, red meat for grilled chicken, regular soda for diet or water, sauces on the side, hold the mayo, and think twice about the cheese. When you go to the counter, all you have to do is order this instead of that. You have to want it to get it; no one is going to hand it to you!

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