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Hi there! Please share your before and after pictures with us, along with your weight loss story below!
– Bobby
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Overcoming Through Determination

For years I struggled with my weight due to medical problems, but thanks to my determination to feel and look better, I decided to do something about it and take action. I am happy with my results. I will say, if I can do it you can do it too. 🙂

A Promise To Myself I Will Never Forget

Food. Such an essential aspect of life, but how it can make it so difficult. I am number three out of four siblings. I was always the heavy one. I remember being put on a diet as early as 7 years old. My weight was never out of control, I was always able to stay… READ MORE

Recapturing Self Esteem and Confidence

Every year my husband and several friends of mine from all over the country meet at a college football game to “relive” those glory years of college. In 2009, the ladies gathered for a picture. After we went home, I saw a copy of that picture on Facebook and I realized that I was the… READ MORE

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